Discover How to Style These 9 Types of Engraved Bracelets

Engraved bracelets are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, but selecting and styling the right bracelet can be a bit overwhelming. From custom cuffs to Figaro bracelets, there are plenty of options for men or women to choose from and adore. However, these unisex bracelets are more than just pretty objects. 

At Customcuff, we craft elegant jewelry that captures life's most important moments. The ultimate purpose of our engraved bracelet line is to build human connections and cement precious memories in a tangible piece. Our jewelry is the ultimate unique storyteller for your special bonds!

In this article, we will discuss several engraved bracelet styles and styling options. You'll have the ideal bracelet designed in no time. 

Why Choose an Engraved Bracelet

Personalized bracelets are a more meaningful gift than a standard jewelry set. The following are ideal moments for giving or receiving an engraved bracelet: 

  • A wedding anniversary
  • The celebration of a baby's birth 
  • A graduation celebration
  • Bridesmaids gifts
  • Memorializing a wonderful vacation
  • Someone's 50th birthday 
  • Valentine's Day
  • And more! 

Purchasing a customized bracelet for yourself or others is a special opportunity to mark life's moments. 

9 Types of Engraved Bracelets

The options for customization are nearly limitless. Keep in mind that you can customize based on several factors, including metal type, design, chain length, and engraving style.  

Looking for a refined, elegant style? Try an engraved bracelet in rose gold. Interested in a sturdy look? Check out the larger chain sizes. These personalized gifts are way more customizable than a simple rose gold plated bangle bracelet or basic locket. 

Here are the nine types of engraved bracelets and all our tips for styling a piece that you or someone special will cherish. 

1. Custom Cuffs

custom cuff bracelets


This bracelet design is a simple piece with gorgeous clean lines and elegant script. One of our best sellers, the cuff bracelet is wildly popular for memorializing a special event. 

The engraving options include:

You read that right! At Customcuff, you can literally engrave the exact coordinates of a meaningful location or etch a secret message in a coded language. There are four unique fonts to choose from, three stunning metal finishes, and you can even add a jewel. Seriously, the options are limitless. 

This bracelet is easily paired with a simple flannel and jeans, a flashy date night get-up, or even a bikini at the beach. Check out our Custom Cuff and get to designing your own forever piece. 

2. Custom Chain Bracelets 

custom chain bracelets for couples


With their classic styling, the custom chain bracelets make ideal matching sets. Your partner will love the name bar bracelet or other touching engraving fitted with a strong chain.  

The Custom Link Chain Bracelet is adaptable to many styles since the standard sterling silver bracelet and gold bracelet options work with any outfit. 

However, the Custom Chain Bracelet is designed with a little more variety. Check out the fun customization options:

  • Matte Black: The metal's lack of shimmer and shine lends this bracelet to a more subtle, dark-academia look. It’s also a favorite men’s bracelet. 
  • Rose: This pretty pink shade resembles the ever-popular 'millennial pink.' Pair this bracelet with an athleisure look or a preppy sweater for a knockout combo. 
  • Aurora: This metallic finish reflects a kaleidoscope of colors, making the Aurora metal ideal for the rave girl/guy in your life. 

Remember, considering the styling options for your bracelet shows an extra special level of care and attention! 

3. Custom Minimal Bracelets

The minimal collection is designed to be unobtrusive and incredibly wearable. The nameplate comes in at 22x6mm, making it one of Customcuff's smallest engravable charms. 

But don't let the Custom Minimal Bracelet's miniature design trick you! This bar bracelet is made of robust 316L stainless steel and designed to last wherever you may take it.  

This piece still has the space for engraving lovely, sentimental messaging in full text, Morse Code, or coordinates. The minimal line really pops as an initial bracelet or monogram ID bracelet. 

Try styling this option with other minimal necklaces or on its own for a picturesque look. 

4. Custom Figaro Bracelets


The Custom Figaro Bracelet comes with an adjustable chain that can fit any wrist, making this an ideal bracelet for matching sets. Imagine wearing a handsome piece of jewelry and knowing that its matching pair is on the wrist of your special someone, best friend, or family member. 

Plus, the Figaro style is a historic design originating from Italy and fits with a large range of fashion ensembles. Try pairing this custom-engraved bracelet with a monochrome suit for a particularly striking look. 

5. Custom Braided Bracelets


This braided bracelet is cool, highly customizable, and can deliver a powerful message. We particularly love the many color options and the fact that — unlike leather bracelets — this piece is waterproof and guaranteed to last. 

Here are some relaxed fits that match the vibes of the Custom Braided Bracelet:

  • Beachwear
  • Cotton button-down with trousers
  • Summer dress
  • Anything designed by Free People 
  • Any outfit that matches a bolo bracelet vibe

This bracelet is a great keepsake for the effortlessly cool person in your life (or yourself). 

6. Custom String Bracelets

You may want something more subtle than a heart charm bracelet, but still a piece worthy of a jewelry box. These slim strings pack a powerful aesthetic punch while holding up under almost any conditions. We recommend the Custom String Bracelet for anyone, but especially the adventurer or on-the-go person. 

The color options range from a cheery yellow to a statement red and easily blend into an outfit. Also, the wax-coated polyester string really pops against other bright colors. 

7. Custom Handwriting Bracelets

custom handwriting bracelet


At Customcuff, you can etch actual handwriting into fine metal jewelry. 

This fantastic feature can forge a deep, personal connection and impact the wearer in a meaningful way. The possibilities are limitless, from writing a loved one's name to a note from a past loved one to a special message. 

The Minimal Handwriting Coin Bracelet is dainty — almost like a charm bracelet — and perfect for that simple yet powerful message. Meanwhile, the Handwriting/Drawing Chain Bracelet delivers the same impact with a blockier, stunning chain. 

Here's all you have to do:

  1. Write or draw on any piece of paper
  2. Take a clear photograph of the paper and upload it on the product page
  3. Customcuff will remove the background of the image so only the handwriting/drawing will be engraved

Voila! A bracelet personalized with handwriting will be delivered to your door in no time. 

8. Custom Lava Bracelets

custom bracelets for couples


Made of genuine lava stone beads, the Custom Lava Bracelet is a good-looking piece that fits with a range of styling options. The striking beaded bracelet contrasts nicely with the yellow gold or silver plating. Pair them together for a neat two-tone effect! You can also create a seamless look with the matte black option.  

Here are some styling options that pair excellently with the Lava Bracelet:

  • Chic joggers and a casual-fit tee
  • Flowy dress with strappy sandals 
  • Matching couples swimwear 

This bracelet is truly versatile, and there are plenty of options for styling a killer fit. 

9. Custom Snake Bracelets

custom snake bracelet


This mixed chain bracelet is a classy item that showcases the sentiment at the core of every engraved bracelet. The Custom Snake Bracelet comes in silver and gold and has an adjustable chain for your convenience. 

Similar to the minimal jewelry line, the snake bracelet pairs well with many different styles. These bracelets are also particularly lovely when stacked with other pieces. 

Try wearing this item with upscale work trousers, a blazer set, or an elevated high-low dress. The options are limitless!

Add a Personalized Touch to Your Bracelet with Customcuff

There are a wide variety of styling options for all our personalized jewelry pieces. From a chic bikini set paired with the Custom Braided Bracelets to a fancy work fit adorned with our Custom Cuffs, there's a piece for everyone!

Here at Customcuff, we strive to design more than just lovely, versatile pieces. Our bracelets memorialize significant moments, serving to build this human connection and cherished memories with our jewelry. Just like choosing an engagement ring, our custom bangles hold deep sentimental value. 

Adding a personalized touch to your bracelet is the most important step. Consider a powerful "I love you" engraving or a secret, sentimental message in Morse Code. 

Whatever your custom engraving, remember to design with your own precious life moments in mind or the touching memories you share with a loved one. 

Check out our full line of customizable bracelets and get started designing your perfect bracelet.