Tips & Tricks for Styling Custom Necklaces for Men

Contrary to what some believe, jewelry is not just for women. Throughout history, men's jewelry has made powerful statements for fashion, culture, and personal ties. Custom necklaces for men are timeless pieces that hold deep intimate value. Here at Customcuff, we'll help you create a sentimental necklace that captures your most precious moments. 

An authentic piece is designed around human connection, like memorializing a special moment or a close relationship. Your men's necklace should tell this story. 

You can convey this meaning through careful styling, from metal sheen to length to your style; every aspect of your bespoke necklace expresses your intent. A stunning silver pendant on a rope chain could tell a story of affection and dedication. A handwriting-etched Cuban link-inspired piece could speak to family and past memories. The options go on and on. 

Are you designing this necklace for a loved one? The possibilities for expressing love and deepening a bond are endless! Check out the options and get started envisioning your striking forever piece. 

Types of Custom Necklaces for Men  


There are plenty of options for custom necklaces for men. When selecting a base design, think of any existing pieces and your preferred style. Check out the possibilities for unisex jewelry:

Each necklace design offers further options for customization and adding personal flair. Whether you're designing a custom men’s necklace for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or just a special surprise, there’s a necklace for you. Consider the following when designing your finished piece.

Top Tips for Styling Men’s Custom Necklaces

While fashion, skin undertone, and regular styling are all essential, one factor reigns supreme when designing men's necklaces—the human connection of it all. 

A custom necklace is different from a basic cross pendant or a birthstone charm. It means something more. 

This necklace should invoke meaningful emotions, which makes wearing a custom piece all the more special. Keep this in mind, and you'll end up with a lovely piece that you or your loved one will treasure. Let's get started!

Determine Metal Color

Metal color can make a huge difference in your overall design, and there are a few factors to consider. Ponder the following:

  • Do you (or your loved one) wear one metal color predominantly? If you prefer one metal color and are not interested in mixing sheens, stick with what you already love!
  • Will this be your first personalized jewelry piece? If you're not confident selecting metal sheens, don't stress! Keep this simple concept in mind:
    • Warm skin tones look great with gold jewelry.
    • Cool skin tones look great with silver jewelry.
    • Any metal color pairs well with confidence! 
  • Matching necklace color to belt color is a great way to pull an outfit together. If you have predominantly belts of one metal, consider designing a necklace of the same color family. 

Determining metal color is an exciting process, and we offer many gorgeous options at Customcuff. Choose from stunning gold plated, strong stainless steel, matte black, pearly rose gold, and more!

Adjust Necklace Length


Necklace length can make a pretty big difference. A longer piece can slip unnoticed into a jacket or under a T-shirt. This allows you to keep the piece close to your heart and make a more subtle statement. Meanwhile, a shorter chain is almost always visible and allows you to tell a story to the world. 

Some Customcuff pieces are adjustable, giving you some variety. In general, consider this chain guide when reviewing options:

  • Around 40cm – lays close to the neck
  • Around 45cm – lays around the top of the collarbone
  • Around 50cm – lays a few inches below the collarbone
  • Around 55cm – lays directly in between the collarbone and center of the chest
  • Around 60cm – lays a few inches above the chest

Chain length is a personal decision based on general preference and ideal styling. If picking a length is challenging, consider measuring a piece of twine to your favorite chan length and trying out the look yourself. 

Consider Casual vs. Formal

Every personalized men’s necklace carries its own personality and flair. Choosing a necklace that looks best with your regular style is a solid idea. 

Different necklace styles look best with a more casual look vs. formal, so consider the style you're going for and your everyday attire. If you're designing a necklace for a loved one, consider the occasion. 

For example, is this a special anniversary or a spontaneous surprise? A more formal gifting event may call for a more formal custom necklace like a handwriting necklace. More casual looks or gifting events may lean toward a name bar necklace. 

You can also consider your loved ones' favorite outfits and what they're happiest wearing. Match the vibe of those fits, and they'll adore your sentimental gift designed just for them. 

Whatever the reason for the gift box, remember that fashion and formal vs. casual attire are subjective. Just design from the heart!

Give Layering a Try

This style tip makes a big impact and is easy to accomplish. Layer your necklaces! This look creates visual interest and can be dressed up or down for formal or casual events. 

More necklaces mean more opportunities for conveying special meaning in permanent jewelry. Here are some unique ways that multiple personalized necklaces can deliver a big impact:

  • Initial necklaces individually engraved with each of your family members' initials
  • Bar pendant necklaces that have etched the dates of significant life moments 
  • Nameplate necklaces with secret messages in morse code that convey a touching meaning

Give layering a try and triple the emotional impact of a bespoke custom necklace for men. 

Create a Heartfelt Engraving

Engraving a necklace with a special meaning transforms a standard piece into a valued heirloom. When choosing an engraving, you'll also want to consider the necklace's purpose. 

Is this engraved necklace intended to be worn every day, or is it a piece you'll break out for certain occasions? This could change the exact engraving and meaning of the necklace. 

The preferred styling and function of an engraving are deeply personal to every wearer. This is what makes custom necklaces so unique! When designing your heartfelt necklace, think about what you want to be reminded of every day and what would deliver the biggest emotional impact for those special occasion moments. 

Add a Stylish Accessory to Your Look with Customcuff

Custom necklaces for men are opportunities to showcase style, class, and artisan design. From metal color to length or pairing and more, there are plenty of options for designing a perfect personalized item. 

These bespoke necklaces are more than just carriers of style, they mean so much more than a basic cross necklace, simple chain necklace, or dog tag necklace. These intensely sentimental items bring confidence and a wave of love with every wear. You or your loved one will be in awe of the power of a custom necklace. 

At Customcuff, we strive to create every custom men’s necklace with your personal connections in mind. Our fine jewelry stands the test of time, whatever your lifestyle or activity level. 

Check out our stunning necklaces and get started designing your forever piece.