Top 5 best adventure escapes

1. Inspiring Bali

Bali is a very special place. Almost everyone falls in love with this Indonesian island on sight, ask anyone who has ever been there, they will tell you that this place changed their lives.

But Bali has two very different faces. You should for instance avoid Kuta with all the tourists whereas Canggu, a little further away, is all about cool surfers. And in Ubud you are in the spiritual center of the island. Depending on what you are looking for Bali will really help you with your search.

Get yourself a scooter and explore this incredible island on your own terms. From the lush green jungle and rice terraces around Ubud, to the super hip Canggu located right on the sea. Go to the beach, grab a bottle of beer and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets ever.

2. Iceland

Iceland is the perfect island if you are seeking quiet and want to distance yourself from everything. The experience of nature, far away from the stress and routing at home is so beautiful and intense here that it is guaranteed to put you to sleep with a feeling of happiness at night. Its a remote place for the most part, but on the other hand there is nobody who would disturb the peace. Especially in the off-season you will have the island pretty much to yourself.

Long walks by the sea, hikes in the disruptive scenery or relaxing Hot Pots right in nature, this is what your daily routine looks like on Iceland. But you can have it more adventurous if you want to: you can for example hike up a volcano that could erupt any time or go for a day-long ride into the wilderness where no cars or people come on the typical Iceland horses.

3. South Africa

In South Africa you can train to become a ranger in a few months and then dive into a whole new world: you learn more about Africa's wildlife, about lions, elephants, rhinos and giraffes. You learn to read their tracks and body language, you learn how to gauge how close you can get to them and when to shut up and not move.

You will not only learn a lot about nature but get a lot of insight into yourself too, you will really get in touch with your core when you are facing a wild bull elephant. In the evening you eat by the fire, look up into the vast starry sky and talk about the impressions of the day before you go to sleep in your tent in the middle of the bush where you hear the roaring of the lions. You are sure to remember this soul-searching experience and who knows, maybe you won’t return to your old life but have found your new calling?

4. New Zealand

New Zealand is not called the other end of the world for nothing and it probably is the most beautiful one, too! You are physically really far away from home and can simply leave that all behind you. The best way to explore is in a campervan. for which you should take at least a month’s time because loads of adventure awaits you here!

Be it a kayak tour through the Marlborough Sounds, a jump from an airplane above the Remarkables or swimming with wild dolphins out in the open sea off of Kaikoura’s coast – you will definitely reach your own limits here and experience pure happiness! Almost no other country offers this much excitement and as full of contrast landscape. Here you can get all the adrenaline kicks you want. The beauty of nature and the wonderful views that you frequently get to enjoy on your trip to New Zealand are the perfect backdrop – you are sure to come back more than once!

5. Italy

In Italy it is the joy of the people and their attitude towards life that will give you the strength and courage to pursue your inner self. Be it in Tuscany, Bologna, Piemont or Sicily, ‘la dolce vita’ will let you forget all your worries and problems at home. Take a map and just pick a little town and get comfortable in an Airbnb. In the morning you head down to the market to load up on local specialties, you grab a good bottle of wine and enjoy life. Ideally you have a nice view of Italy’s beautiful landscape from your own patio.

Strolling through vineyards and olive groves, sitting down in a local cafe for a good coffee, listening to locals as they chat about the weather or letting the sun shine onto your face by the sea – Italy is a great place to find yourself! And you definitely don’t have to worry about getting too lonely or bored out of your mind, it is easy to get in touch with people!

The world is full of great places!

Be it a trip to Bali with its inspiring green rice terraces, lonely Iceland or vivacious Italy, our world offers so many great places that will help you get to know yourself better and make new plans for a happier future. Our whole life is an adventure, the question is just what you make of it!

Happy travels from the entire Customcuff crew!