Enhance Your Style with an Engraved Bar Necklace

An engraved bar necklace is a thoughtful gift to honor and remember your most meaningful moments, people, or places. The striking metal engravable bar attached to a customizable chain offers the ideal setup for personalization, so you can celebrate a friendship, anniversary, or more. 

At Customcuff, our purpose is human connection. We strive to create meaningful, elegant jewelry that captures your most precious moments. This human connection is built through memorializing these cherished moments with our customized pieces. 

Choosing between your loved one's initials, unique handwritten quotes, or secretive morse code can prove to be a challenge. In this article, we'll guide you through the custom necklace-making process, helping you select a unique personalized gift for your special someone (or yourself). 

Engravings for Every Cherished Moment

Your loved one is unique, and so are the special memories you share. A custom bar pendant necklace has the advantage of true personalization for your precise needs. Both vertical bar necklaces and horizontal bar necklaces create stunning heirloom pieces. 

Inspiration can be tough to find, and traditional birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, or winter holiday gifts often show too little love and attention. We’ve outlined a few ideas below to spark inspiration and help you craft the ideal personalized bar necklace beyond the norm.  

Morse Code

Originally used to carry vital messages over telegraph wires, morse code has become an intimate and secret method of communication over the last almost two centuries. 

As showcased in spy films and romantic dramas, this code signifies a secret between two people. Now it can communicate a special message to your loved one or a touching self-reminder to carry with you. 

Morse code bar necklace engravings are the newest addition to our creative range of engraving options. Due to bar space constraints and to keep high aesthetic standards, we recommend one-word or two- to three-short-word messages. 

Here are some favored message ideas for inspiration:

  • Love You (translation: .-.. --- ...- . /-.-- --- ..- )
  • Marry Me (translation: -- .- .-. .-. -.-- /-- .)
  • Forever (translation: ..-. --- .-. . ...- . .-.) 

The options are limitless and incredibly customizable to your desires. The secret nature of morse code means any message can be conveyed, adding an intimate appeal to this engraving. 


Initial engravings are a classic reminder of a partner, cherished relative, pet, or more. This simplistic initial necklace style is one of our best sellers and is typically fashioned as "AA X BB" on the nameplate, representing the first and last names of the two individuals.  

This engraving has a subtle way of connecting two people together, no matter the distance. The subdued and powerful messaging of these chain necklaces also make them a good way to honor a late loved one or adored family pet. 

We recommend remembering these guidelines when designing your initial necklace: 

  1. Make sure the initials don't spell an unintended word
  2. Make sure the initials don't make out an unintentional acronym 
    1. Use this acronym checker to verify any initial options 
  3. Make sure the initials chosen don't also represent another loved one (as this could be confusing for the recipient) 

Sticking with these guidelines can help you create a custom name necklace that you or your loved one will adore.  


coordinates necklace

Do you have a cherished honeymoon spot? Do you and your loved one share a favorite city? Are you looking to create a reminder of your loved one’s hometown? 

The engraved coordinates bar necklace is the ideal wanderlust-inspired gift for the traveler in your life. Unlike a name bar necklace, you can get as broad or specific as you desire. 

This is a great custom option for remembering a wonderful memory or a special place. The coordinates can be as specific or broad as you need. Try typing in the exact address of your childhood home or a city in the desired country. The simple string of coordinates should match your location and convey your semi-secret message perfectly. 

This style of engraved necklace has the added benefit of conveying a rustic and exciting aesthetic, almost like a treasure hunt!  

Short Quotes 

You can evoke powerful emotions with only a few words. Engraving a short quote into a beautiful gold or sterling silver bar necklace creates a stunning piece of sentimental personalized jewelry. At Customcuff, we take engraving to another level by offering etchings on multiple sides of the metal bar. Keep things classic with engravings only on the front, or add right and left engravings for extra tailor-made options.

These are some popular ideas for creating a piece of jewelry you'll adore:

  • Favorite book quote
  • Common shared saying  
  • Each child's name engraved for Mother’s Day
  • A reminder of wedding vows
  • A set of monograms or roman numerals
  • A special or meaningful date

Pro tip: Make sure to spell-check your selected quote, and your loved one will adore their new custom bar necklace.  


handwriting necklace

Imagine the look on your special someone's face as they realize their custom necklace has your handwriting on it. This wildly intimate option is better than a simple white gold birthstone bar and has the power to bring tears to their eyes.  

The options are endless, as any compact text, drawing, or symbol can be etched onto the fine metal plate. The process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Consider the space available on the bar necklace
  2. Write a short loving phrase or significant drawing on any piece of paper
  3. Take a clear photograph of the paper and upload it to our site
  4. Let us handle the rest! 

Our design champions will erase the background and leave only your special message behind to be etched onto your piece. This unique engraving option is a special way of showing appreciation and care.

Caring for Your Engraved Bar Necklace

Imagine investing in a custom gold bar necklace — that's adored by your loved one — only to have it fall apart due to lack of care instructions. Forever jewelry should last forever. Here's all you need to know. 

First, your new bar necklace will never fade, tarnish, or lose its color when exposed to the following:

  • Perspiration
  • Heat 
  • Saltwater
  • Chlorine water
  • Cold temperatures 

We use the highest quality 316L stainless steel, 18k gold, and sterling silver for all our creations. Our jewelry is designed to go with you from beach dives to board rooms. 

While your necklace is pretty damage resistant, it can still collect dirt and grime. Here are the best tips for keeping your necklace clean and shiny:

  1. Gather warm water, mild soap, and a soft bristle brush (like a toothbrush) 
  2. Gently wash the item with the brush, water, and soap for a few minutes 
  3. Pay special attention to where the chain and bar typically contact clothes or hair
  4. Repeat every few months or as needed

Store your jewelry in a cloth sack or jewelry box to avoid damaging or misplacing the item. With these tips, your gorgeous bar necklace will hold sentimental value and maintain its shine for decades. 

Make a Statement with Customcuff’s Engraved Bar Necklace

With our necklace selection, there’s something perfect for everyone, from handwriting engravings to special morse code messages. 

A custom engraved bar necklace communicates connection, partnership, or commitment to your special someone. Whether you're honoring a friendship, remembering a special family moment, or furthering another bond, a personalized necklace speaks volumes.

Still undecided on your customization? Our pre-set necklace pieces are also stunning options in gold plated yellow gold, rose gold, stainless steel, and minimalist matte black. 

At Customcuff, we make more than just jewelry; we create and memorialize memories. Check out investment piece options, matching sets, and new arrivals today!