If you own a business and want to offer Customcuff® products to your visitors/customers, this is exactly what you need.

Imagine this scenario: Lucas and his team just won a championship trophy for their state, they want to capture this moment and remember the all memories they created throughout the year and the final championship game. They arrive back home from the final game and get these elegant cuffs with their team name on one of our pieces at www.customcuff.co

Then imagine this: Right as you are about to leave your most memorable trip in Italy you stumble across the hotel lobby store selling custom pieces with the coordinates of the exact beach and location of your stay.  Where you've been surfing, having midnight walks on the beach, where you've just been proposed to!  The possibilities are endless and having a Customcuff® piece in the memorable locations and experiences people have at your hotel or place is one of our most recent wholesale offers.

The example above is just 1 out of 100 possible wholesale opportunities. Tell us a bit more about your idea and we'll get back to you as soon as possible (usually within a couple hours, never more than 48).