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Custom Cuff
Coming Back To Tell You These Last Forever

I came back to buy another piece and had to say something lol. I have had this coordinate custom cuff for over five years and while it lost its shine, it is in perfect condition. I have worn it every single say since I got it (seriously, have not taken it off) and nothing has tarnished it. Coming from someone who isn’t always the ~gentlest~ with their jewelry, it holds up so well and it is my favorite cuff I have bought to date :)

Absolutely in love

My dad passed away last year from cancer. Before he did I made sure to have his handwriting and with that I ordered this beautiful bracelet. They did a perfect job I couldn’t be happier. I also ordered one for my sister. So special

What we are looking for

Easy to order, arrived earlier than expected and most importantly we love it. Thanks Team!

Handwriting Coin Necklace
Edison Dimatulac
Best gift for my wife

She just loves it!

Amazing necklace

Gifted it to someone precious to me and it was amazing. Thanks Team!

Amazing purchase!!

100% Recommended!! Love the bracelets, they are very cute! Received even before the expected time. Thanks CC


I ordered this as an anniversary gift for my husband, and it's perfect!! I slipped it on a clip because he mentioned wanting a keychain. It looks exactly as I wanted! Matched my handwriting perfectly! And arrived very fast!

Very satisfied

Simple, modern, attractive. So many friends asked where did I buy it 😀

great quality

The long-awaited necklace finally arrived, the order was missing when I first ordered it, but then they re-shipped it for me for free, great service. However, due to COVID, it was sent slowly and the order was missing. It took almost 3 months in total. The quality of the necklace is very good, the engraving is very clear, I like it very much.

Custom Chain Bracelet
juliette steed
above and beyond.

I got this bracelet june 4th 2021 for my anniversary with my boyfriend, it’s now may 2022. I’ve never taken the bracelet off. (i mean NEVER) I’ve swam in chlorinated pools, showered, cleaned with bleach, cooked and done everything else for the past year with this bracelet on my dominant hand. The clasp is still tight and secure, and there’s been no wear or tarnish besides a little bit of scratching on the engraved part. That’s expected though, since I’ve done everything with this on. Even with the minuscule scratching, (that you can only see when the light hits it) the engraving is still perfectly visible and in top condition. I get so many compliments from strangers on this bracelet, and I recommend it to everyone I can. If you’re thinking about getting one, I highly suggest it. You can’t get anything this good for such an affordable price. (My boyfriend got the silver one and it’s in the same amazing condition, he’s also never removed his)

Had them for a year and still perfect!

I got two of these bracelets a year ago for me and my boyfriend (silver and gold) and we have both worn them in the shower everyday since with no tarnishing. There are few scratches but they’re not noticeable and just from wear and tear but I’m glad there’s no tarnish. I’d definitely recommend these as sentimental gifts and they are very cute as they’re so simple and dainty and shiny! Also can fit anyone as they’re flexible enough to shape but still sturdy so they last.

Absolutely Perfect

Was a bit iffy about the matte black, but I was so glad I got it! The black is so much classier than I thought it was going to be. They’re smaller than I thought, but it’s actually a great size, they’re the perfect size to not be too much or too little. The writing is tiny, so it can be hard to read from a normal distance, but I quite like the fact that you have to be close to it to read it, it makes it more special for the wearer!

Initial Necklace
Olivia Neena Varghese
A treasured moment

Got my boyfriend and I a reminder of the day we officially became an item. Both of us going through similar situations in our past lives… separation divorce and 3 kids each. Finding second chances really does exist and one day we can find someone who’s really made for us ! That it’s not a fantasy. We are the best of friends as it should be and the custom cuff with our 222 ( date Feb 2/22) ♾ ! It was beautifully engraved and we love it ! We wear the cuffs everyday ! Thank you Customcuffs I’m a big fan !

Premium Handwriting Necklace

Just received my order and really happy with how accurate the drawing is to what I requested
Only thing is that considering the size of the necklace the drawing could be a lil bit bigger as the photos in on the website almost cover the entire necklace pendant, and the pendant isn’t actually the same as in the photos, that or it’s been engraved on the wrong side 😂
These are only small things but it look like good quality and happy with it :):)

Nice product

Well made. Definitely recommend.

Custom Cuff
Juan carlos Fava Gritti
Perfect gift

Got this for my dad. He is in love with it and he wears it since he put it on

My son loves it!

My son, bought an initial necklace with his own money for his 10th birthday gift. He asked for a cross necklace and Patrick Mahomes jersey. Then he saw this Z necklace—he wears it every day and straightens the ‘Z’ to ensure it lays just right! He also kept the history card—he loves the story behind the brand and your mission. Thank you for creating a sweet keepsake, and my son’s first piece of jewelry.

Custom Cuff Excellence!

I bought the gold custom cuff band as a surprise for my best friend, sick with Covid, for Christmas and she was absolutely over the moon with joy and excitement! What was even better, is that she has very sensitive skin, and to this day, the cuff has not affected her in any way whatsoever. I’m really glad I found Custom Cuff, because I believe if I had gone with one of their competitors, she would have had skin irritation. Custom Cuff will be my go to every time for her. Thank you for your beautifully crafted product that made my best friend soooo elated while she was quarantined! She continues to enjoy it to this day. She said she feels - fancy -, wearing it 😄

Custom Chain Bracelet
Meemee Taylor
Love them


Custom Cuff Set
Johnson Chia
Perfect Gift

I’m happy with my purchase. The custom made cuffs were shiny and fits me perfectly. Customer service is top notch. Would definitely recommend! Thank you so much :)

Custom Cuff Set
Daele Stainton

Took awhile to come but was well worth the wait! Especially with Covid restrictions around the world.
Very happy as was the recipient.

Custom Bar Necklace
Ahmed Talji
wonderful gift

The quality was perfect and it was as I expected and better

Très belle qualité.

J'ai commandé le *collier plaque personnalisé* avec les données GPS correspondant à notre lieu de mariage. La personnalisation est facile à faire, il y a plusieurs police d'écriture au choix c'est top. Le bijou est arrivé assez rapidement et il est vraiment beau. À voir sur la durée ce que ça donne 🤞🏻

Custom Bar Necklace
Kelsey Doege

This arrived today and I couldn't be happier! It has a good quality chain and the bar looks great with the coordinates!! Can't wait to gift it to my guy with coordinates to the first place we ever met :)

Perfect Sentimental Gift

This bracelet was the perfect sentimental gift!! Super meaningful & the bracelets fit perfect due to the adjustment strings.