Select the Perfect Engraved Necklace

Engraved necklaces are a favorite of many for a reason. They're attractive, wearable, and can be incredibly meaningful. 

When selected with attention and care, any gift creates a special bond. Engraved necklaces further this bond and intention through customizable options. 

At Customcuff, we design meaningful and refined jewelry that captures your moments and honors your most cherished human connections. Our engraved jewelry memorializes your prized and precious memories.

These pieces are more than a simple heart necklace for Valentine's day gifts or a birthstone necklace for your anniversary. These custom pieces are deeply impactful and showcase your love.

This article will help you design an authentic, unique, engraved piece to keep forever. 

The Best Types of Necklaces for Engraving

The bespoke design process can be intimidating. There are so many lovely choices! Use our step-by-step approach when evaluating necklace options:

  1. Metal: There are plenty of options for cladding your necklace in stunning metal. Many of our pieces are available in sterling silver, gold, matte black, and rose gold plated metal. Decide what metal sheen looks best against your recipient's skin or what metals they wear most often as you browse engraved necklaces.
  2. Lifestyle: Our designs are wearable and subtle, which makes them ideal for everyday jewelry. However, some designs may lend themselves more to a student's classroom, a worker bee, or a stay-at-home dad. 
  3. Intention: This is the last and most vital step before selecting a design. Who is this for, and how do you want them to feel? An engraved necklace is the perfect gift that holds deep meaning. What message are you trying to impress into this design?  

With these factors in mind, selecting a personalized jewelry style is more straightforward. However, the biggest factor is the engraving. As we describe the gorgeous design options, we'll also include insight and advice for selecting an engraving.  

Let's get started!

Custom Minimal Charm Necklace

Custom Minimal Charm Necklace


Looking for a minimalist, modern necklace? Then the Custom Minimal Charm Necklace is the perfect piece for you. 

The little charm measures only 22mm by 8mm, making it unobtrusive and subtle. 

This pendant necklace has room for 12 characters of text, so any engraving will be to the point and impactful. Consider the following engraving options that go beyond a classic initial necklace: 

  • Your loved one's monogram 
  • An anniversary date 
  • A meaningful verse
  • Your hometown
  • Meaningful roman numerals

Whatever meaning you engrave into the trendy charm necklace will look lovely against its pure yellow gold or lovely silver metal. Plus, this small necklace is ideal for layering!

Custom Plate Necklace

Custom Plate Necklace


Looking for a truly unique engraving style? The Custom Plate Necklace has many engraving options, including etching actual handwriting into the plate!

The Handwriting Plate Necklace can be a deeply sentimental piece that tells a story of human connection. Here's how it works: 

  1. Craft a note with a short phrase, word, or small drawing.
    1. Alternatively, you can pick an old note from a past loved one to memorialize in the necklace, which is a particularly emotional and beautiful engraving option. 
  2. Take a photograph of the note and upload it to our website. Make sure the picture clearly captures the entire message!
  3. Wait for the stunning necklace to arrive in your mailbox. 

The look on your loved one's face when they recognize the engraving on the nameplate is priceless. Or, if this is for yourself, imagine the sentiment of walking around with a loved one's handwriting resting close to your heart.

These chain necklaces are a unique option for a special person. 

Custom Bar Necklace

custom bar necklace


The Custom Bar Necklace is a fantastic bestseller that evokes a modern look. The dual-purpose vertical bar necklace elongates the neck and creates a visually appealing engraving style.  

This is the ideal necklace for the classy yet fashionable guy or gal in your life. Plus, the Bar Necklace offers special engravings in Morse Code. 

Invented in 1844 and rarely used in modern times, Morse Code has a long and fascinating history. This coded necklace can be engraved with your meaningful secrets or sacred promises and worn everywhere you go. 

Here are some neat ideas for your new bar pendant necklace:

  • “My love”
  • “I do”
  • “Mi amor”
  • “Honey”
  • “My home” 

Feel free to experiment with sweet love notes or special messages, and design a silver bar necklace or gold bar necklace with your loved one in mind. 

These pieces are also ideal for designing a custom name bar necklace or other creative options! 

Custom Coin Necklace 

custom coin necklace with handwriting


Your actual handwriting engraving isn't limited to a rectangular plate! The Custom Coin Necklace lets you draw a picture or symbols in a larger circle format. 

Now, you can give more than just a heart locket, gemstone choker, or classic heart pendant. There's a whole world of possibilities for burgeoning artists to get creative showcasing their love. 

The disc necklace is around 20mm in diameter, so there's not enough space for your rendition of the Mona Lisa. However, there's plenty of room for a touching symbol or drawing that memorializes a life moment. 

Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing and have the necklace engraved with a meaningful image: 

  • A heart with your initials inside
  • A Celtic Love Knot
  • A smiley face
  • The Ankh (Egyptian symbol of life) 
  • Maple leaves (common emblem for lovers) 
  • An infinity necklace sign
  • The zodiac sign of your loved one

The best part of a Coin Necklace is that its etchings come from a place of love. You don't have to be an artist to communicate this tenderness to your special someone. 

With the Coin Necklace, you can give them a silver or gold necklace they’ll love forever. 

Premium Custom Necklace

The Premium Custom Necklace strikes a stately, simple aesthetic (similar to an upscale dog tag necklace). It's a charming piece that's perfect for couples, Father's Day, and any of your special moments. 

This jewelry item also can be engraved with an especially unique design — coordinates. These groupings of numbers and letters show you a global location. You can be as broad as you want and have your necklace display the coordinates for the country of Ireland or as specific as your grandmother's house. The possibilities are endless! 

Carrying around the location of a sacred place is not only visually striking but also deeply impactful. To get some inspiration, consider the following options for occasion and engraving: 

  • For Mother's Day, engrave the coordinates of your mom's hometown
  • For a best friend's birthday gift, engrave the coordinates of your shared college dorm
  • For your anniversary, engrave the coordinates of your favorite vacation spot 

There are plenty of options for designing a necklace you or a loved one will never want to take off. 

Caring for Your Engraved Necklaces

You can rest easy knowing that our necklaces are all made of strong stainless steel and designed to last. However, some general tips and tricks will help your piece maintain its shine and luster. 

  1. Keep your necklace in a safe place (think jewelry box or nightstand).
  2. Periodically wash the necklace gently with warm water and mild soap to remove debris and grime. 
  3. Avoid getting your forever piece near harsh chemicals like bleach. 

With these tips, your special necklace should last you a lifetime! 

Browse Stunning Engraved Necklaces at Customcuff

At Customcuff, we pour our hearts into designing and crafting every necklace. An engraved jewelry item holds deep sentimental value, and we strive to offer unique pieces you'll fall in love with. 

From the Premium Custom Necklace to the Custom Minimal Charm Necklace, we design personalized necklaces for every occasion. 

Review our entire line of engraved necklaces and engraving inspiration to find the perfect necklace for your special someone, and be sure to stay up to date on new arrivals to add to your collection.