Meaningful Custom Couples Necklace Options for Your Person

Custom necklaces for couples are a romantic way of showing your affection and eternal commitment to one another. Throughout history, lovers' jewelry has had deep cultural significance. Nowadays, the importance of engagement rings and wedding bands cannot be understated. With personalized necklaces, you can be stylish and honor your relationship in a unique and timeless way. 

At Customcuff, we understand the bond you share with your loved one. Our mission is to craft fine jewelry that represents and celebrates the beauty of your human connection. 

The only issue you need to worry about is picking the right piece inspired by your partner. Read on to learn all about your stunning options!

Honor Your Connection with Matching Necklaces

Gifting a jewelry piece is one thing, but wearing a matching personalized couple necklace holds an entirely different meaning. 

Imagine wearing your new custom necklace and knowing that somewhere out there, your partner is wearing the exact same piece. It's an unmatched feeling of love and connection, tying the two of you together like interlocking hearts. 

Plus, with a custom set, you're sure to design a piece that perfectly fits your aura as a couple. You already fit together like puzzle pieces, so why not get a matching couple gift set representing this connection? The key is thinking of your partner's preferences, style, and shared experiences throughout the design process.  

Choose From 6 Custom Couples Necklace Styles

The perfect thinking-of-you or Valentine's Day gift is within reach! Here at Customcuff, we offer six main custom couples necklace sets to choose between. This gives you plenty of options, but that’s not where it ends. After selecting a base design, you'll get to choose a metal color, engraving font, and engraving style, too. 

Unlike a basic locket heart pendant or infinity name necklace, we offer unique customization for your matching couple necklaces. 

The choices are vast, and our unique engraving styles allow you to pick a set that fits your preferences as a couple. Review the following tips to make excellent and impactful design decisions. 

Custom Bar Necklace Set

The modern, elegant styling of the Custom Bar Necklace Set is simply unmatched. The slender bar hangs from a sturdy yet delicate chain and proudly showcases your engraving. 

Do you adore gold, but your partner only wears silver? No problem! Both necklaces can choose between metal colors gold, silver, rose gold, and matte black. 

There are four different font options for your standard text engraving. The font options are: 

  • Typewriter
  • Handwriting
  • Old London
  • Standard

There are also several unique engraving styles to choose from. You can settle on a classic engraved name necklace in the perfect font or coordinates to your favorite spot. This handsome charm necklace set is ideal for the classic pair that loves showcasing their affections. 

Custom Minimal Necklace Set


Are you an understated, low-key couple? Do you enjoy layering your existing custom name initial necklace and birthstone necklace and would love to add a meaningful, dainty piece to your collection? The Custom Minimal Necklace is the perfect piece of couples jewelry for you and your partner. 

At only 22mm long, this is a small charm with lots of emotional value. The minimal charm has room for 12 characters of text, allowing you to simply convey your eternal partnership. 

This set can also be engraved with coordinates to a location anywhere in the world. You can select a spot with special meaning to you and your partner. Here are some unique engraving ideas to get the inspiration flowing:

  • The location of your first kiss
  • Your favorite coffee shop
  • The place where you adopted your fur baby
  • Your favorite vacation spot
  • Your proposal location

The options are endless! The best part is that only you two will know where the coordinates point, creating a lovely secret you'll carry with you always. 

Custom Star Map Necklace Set

A pendant necklace is a form of art that helps you stand out from the crowd. The Custom Star Map Necklace Set is a fantastically unique circle necklace that crafts a beautiful, emotional connection. These necklaces display the stars as they were over the location and day you chose, allowing you to wear the night sky around your neck! Here's how it works: 

  1. Select a gold-plated or silver-plated necklace
  2. Decide where you want to see the sky from
  • Examples include your wedding night, the spot of your favorite shared memory, the day you moved into your shared apartment, etc. 
  • Input the date of this special memory
  • Select the constellation option (where lines are etched to showcase the actual constellations) or the grid option (where the stars are left as is)

  • This custom star map creates a distinctive look whose meaning is known only between you and your partner. Memorialize your most cherished memories with this special love necklace. 

    Premium Custom Necklace Set

    This almost rustic necklace set is small in size but makes a big emotional impact. The Premium Custom Necklace Set comes with a strong stainless steel Cuban chain and plenty of space to etch your most intimate messages or become a simple name pendant. 

    These stately necklaces can be engraved with coordinates of text and have unique styling options. Consider investing in these forever pieces if your couple vibe leans more toward:

    • West-coast beach chill
    • Prairie chic 
    • Relaxed oxford looks 
    • Brimmed hat and brunch vibes
    • Simple yet sophisticated

    The Premium set can fit with many aesthetics and looks; the most important thing is this piece's emotional impact. Test out your engraving options and land on a message that speaks to your heart. 

    Custom Plate Necklace Set


    Your ideal set is more than a friendship necklace piece like an infinity necklace or yin-yang necklace. 

    If you want to tell a story with your matching pieces, then the Custom Plate Necklace Set is the ideal format. This horizontal nameplate proudly faces the world, easily displaying your commitment to your partner. Plus, the clean lines and simple etching make this necklace a modern showstopper. 

    You have options for engraving text, coordinates, or even morse code. The historical language of morse code is not commonly read, keeping your message an intimate secret between you and your partner. 

    The options are unlimited! You can etch a straightforward 'I love you,' a sentimental 'always,' or your unique blended couple name. Whatever you choose will be etched in secret code on a striking shiny plate. 

    Cuff and Necklace Bundle

    Your partner is like your best friend, and they deserve a jewelry gift that they feel comfortable wearing. A matching necklace set is a lovely method of showing adoration and connection. However, your partner may not be a huge fan of necklaces. No problem! 

    The Cuff and Necklace Bundle is the perfect compromise. This set includes a Custom Bar Necklace and a Custom Cuff, both etched with the text of your choosing. 

    This way, each partner can be happy and confident wearing their gorgeous new couples bracelet and necklace set. Prepare for a wave of joyful nostalgia every time you put on your matching set. 

    Celebrate Your Relationship with Customcuff

    Forming a special bond through jewelry is a time-honored practice. You deserve more than a standard sterling silver couple heart necklace, an off-the-shelf birthstone promise ring, or a knockoff diamond necklace. At Customcuff, we appreciate our jewelry's deep impact and strive to create the finest forever pieces.  

    From the Custom Plate Necklace Set to the Custom Minimal Necklace Set, every couple has stunning options. Check out all of our gorgeous best sellers today and get started designing your new treasured piece!