We created Customcuff to inspire you to remember the people, places and experiences that made you who you are today. Use our customizable jewelry to keep memories close, just like what inspired our founders to start Customcuff™


Customer story:

'' 2 years ago I had an accident while surfing in Hawaii. It was way too wild weather to be surfing, so I got caught in a big wave which threw me underwater. I hit the reef and broke my leg in 2 places and dislocated my knee. 

The doctors said I most likely wouldn't be able to surf again as it had done permanent damage to my bone that would never heal 100% again. I'm not the type of person to easily give up, so I decided to challenge the odds. 

Fast forward 2 years and I'm back on the board 4 times a week, no problems with my injury and happier than ever after 2 years of recovery. 

Decided to get a Customcuff with the coordinates of the exact location where my accident happened. Every time I look down on my wrist it reminds me to always stay strong even when everything seems to be impossible. 

I'm now pursuing my life goal which is to become a pro surfer in the WSL. Thank you for such a meaningful product guys :)

- Matthew F.